We care not only about the quality of services your patient receives but also for your practice’s interests. Ciscura’s management has over 25 years of experience in infusion services and wants to bring that expertise to you, your practice and most importantly, our patients. Ciscura, Inc was developed to meet the needs of patients, clinicians, and insurance carriers needing access to continuous infusion effectively and comprehensively.

One of the foundations of solid nursing practice is the ‘nursing process’. We learn in nursing school the application of the process: assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation and we know that this process is cyclic and interrelated. Ciscura, Inc was founded on and will continue to use the basic concepts inherent in the nursing process to guide business development, quality assurance and most importantly the best in care and service for our patients. We are nurse owned and nurse managed and we care.

Rollyne P. Klem RN, CRNI, OCN
President, C.E.O.